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Chasing Illusions Podcast

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Much Love


Jun 8, 2019

If you feel triggered by the thought that You don't know who you are, you are ripe for transformation energy! In today's Episode I talk about how our linear minds create an understanding of who we are based on all the internal stories running through our minds. The comparisons, contrasts, and associations we make between ourselves and the outside world actually frame who we believe we are. Yet it is that exact thinking that has us limited in our ability to create. For when we hold onto a belief about who we are then we limit our ability to becomes something new and better. Transformation, change, breakthrough happens in those moments we move past our previously understood linear conclusion about ourselves. So transformation becomes essential for soul growth. Learning to harness the transformation energy all around us everyday is what will catapult us into a new way of being, into the life we dream about living. Join the conversation back on or check out more of Erika's work at Namate